Manufacturing Capabilities & Plant Highlights

Processing Plant – Douglassville, PA (built in 1992)


Processing lines in Logan, Utah covering Mountain and West Coast Regions

  • Multiple aseptic bag filling and retail bottle/box filling capability


Product Categories

  • Fluid dairy products – full range of butterfat content
  • Non-dairy flavored creamers
  • ESL & low-acid products
  • Iced coffees
  • Cold brew coffees (new)
  • Liquid sweeteners – sugar based, flavored, and sucralose


 Equipment List

  • 3 Scholle IPN aseptic bag filling machines
    -  Bulk dispenser bags, Bag-In-Box® (BIB) and Retail Wine Tap BIB
    -  Product sizes ranging from 1 liter up to 20 liters


  • Aseptic Tetra Pak® fillers
    - Tetra Brik®
    - Tetra Prisma®
    - Tetra Evero® (first in the US with aseptic bottle line filling 32/33 oz)
    - Multiple pack sizes, fitments & closures available
    - Retail products from 8-11 oz and 32/33 oz


Aseptic UHT processing system using both indirect heating and
direct steam heating VTIS

  R&D/Product Capabilities

  • We process dairy-based products at all butterfat levels
  • Highly stable processing from skim milk to half & half and light cream
  • Non-dairy fluid product development, including soy and other
    plant-based products
  • Iced coffee innovations, including cold brew
  • Specialty iced coffee flavors, including spice-based horchata and indulgent
    salted caramel, cappuccino, espresso, and more
  • Vast experience in flavor profiling and duplication
  • Expertise and extensive capabilities with HTST and UHT processing
  • Lactose-free and fortified product capabilities, suitable for targeted consumer
    segments and geriatric applications


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