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Dispenser FAQ

How do I load the product into the dispenser?
Please click here to download our pictorial instruction sheet. 


How do I clean the dispenser?

Wipe down the drip tray and the “splash zone” (the area of the
dispenser with the amber light) throughout the day. Use a clean
towel dampened with warm water to wipe out the inside of the
nozzles at night. Please see the Operation Manual for full cleaning instructions.


What do I do if the dispenser stops operating?

Unplug the machine for 2 hours to allow the machine to reset.

Plug it back in and see if the problem is resolved. Make sure the lid and product ports are closed.

Make sure the dispenser is plugged to its own outlet (dispenser should not share an outlet with any other coffee machines/high
voltage equipment).

Ensure that the dispenser has its legs installed and there is plenty of airflow in the back of the dispenser (at least 2 inches).

If you are unable to troubleshoot the problem to get your dispenser back in proper operation condition, please contact


My product is freezing/forming ice.

Most likely, the lid was not closed all the way, allowing air inside the dispenser to form the frost or ice. The lid MUST be closed completely forming a tight seal. Unplug the unit and leave open for about 30-60 minutes. Place paper towels or napkins inside the dispenser to absorb the water that melts off. DO NOT use any tool to chip the ice. When the ice is all melted, simply plug it back in.

If the dispenser is freezing the product, contact us immediately. We will ship you another dispenser and arrange for the pick-up of your current unit.


The temperature of my dispenser does not read between 32°-40°F.

Ensure the unit is plugged in and has power. Check the front panel indicator light to be sure power is applied.

Check that the front upper valve plate has been installed properly; it should interlock with the lower plate forming a seal. Also check that the two door latches (if applicable) have been closed and locked.

Be sure the product is pre-chilled before loading into dispenser. Product bags should be chilled between 32°-40°F before loading.

Check the calibration of the thermometer. Dispense some product into an insulated cup and check the temperature with a known-accurate thermometer.

Make sure there is room behind the unit for air circulation. The unit should have its legs installed and there should be plenty of room for airflow at the back of the dispenser. Be certain the clearance is at least 20 inches at the top, 2 inches at the rear, and 1 inch on each side. 

Check for compressor operation. The compressor is very quiet and normally cannot be heard; operation can be ascertained by feeling the back condenser cover for warmth. 


My product does not drain completely from the bag.

Check that the bag in installed properly and there is no twisting or bunching of the bag in the valve area. 

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