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Coffee refreshment just got a whole lot better! 

Java Creations™ coffee beverages are shelf stable and packed with integrated dispensing valves. The product never touches the machine, so there’s no time-consuming sanitation. Java Creations™ has a wide selection of on-trend, coffee-forward varieties to captivate your customers. The flavor and smoothness is unsurpassed, so put Java Creations™ to your taste test!

Retail gross profit margins generally exceed 50%, so let the profits flow!

Regular Kona Blend™ – Traditional Kona coffee with creamy Grade A
whole milk and pure cane sugar

French Vanilla Kona Blend™ – Sweet French vanilla blended with creamy Kona coffee – a true favorite

Café a La Mode – Contemporary blend of espresso, French vanilla, rich mocha and Grade A whole milk – a great afternoon pick-me-up

Cappuccino Authentic Espresso – Crisp, clean, classic Italian-style blend of rich espresso and creamy Grade A whole milk, lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar 

Horchata – Unique Hispanic-style spiced blend of 100% Arabica Coffee flavored with cinnamon, a hint of mocha, and Grade A milk

Mocha Kona Blend™ – Rich, sweet, mocha-flavored classic Kona coffee

Salted Caramel Kona Blend™ – Rich, smooth, caramel-flavored Kona coffee, delightfully finished with sea salt

Black & Bold Cold Brew Coffee – Rich, bold, and refreshing, made with 100% Cold Brew Arabica coffee

Cold Brew Café au Lait – Modern French-style Cold Brew coffee blended with Grade A low-fat milk, sweetened with a hint of pure cane sugar

‚ÄčPremium Iced & Cold Brew Coffees